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    How to display Requester or Preparer Name after 18C in an...
    Topic posted February 24, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence - BI, FAQ, How-To 
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    How to display Requester or Preparer Name after 18C in an OTBI Report
    How to display Requester or Preparer Name in an OTBI Report after 18C

    Support / Customers

    Please be aware of the below if you encounter OTBI  reporting issues in retriever person information such as Requester or Preparer.

    Problem Statement:

     Unable to fetch any data through Requisition Preparer column in OTBI analysis using Requisition Real Time.

    Bug Details:

    This was one among more bugs that were logged against OTBI for the issue:

    The customer in this case did not want the following additional workarounds:

    A. The workaround of creating a role base on inheriting the seeded Human Resource Analyst job role, and select View All People for Person security is not acceptable in this use case.   

    B. Also, using Procurement Manager role is not desired to be given to some users.

    Workaround suggested:

    1. Create a copy from Purchase Analysis Abstract Role. -> "Purchase Analysis Abstract Role Custom" or other preferred name. 

    2. Go to edit the custom role in security console. 

    3. Go to the 3rd step (Data Security Policies). 

    4. Find the policy name "Grant on Public Person" and Privilege = "Report Public Person". 

    5. From the drop down list choose Edit Data Security Policy 

    6. Change the Data Set =  All Values 

    7. Then submit. 

    8. Grant role to user and then execute 'Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes'. 

    9. Verify if person information is now accessible for this user. 

    Note that in this case, it will not allow user to access other SAs. Only the SA purchase analysis can access.