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    Search Options in Self Service Procurement Shopping
    Topic posted November 13, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited November 13, 2018, tagged How-To, Requisition Processing, Tip 
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    Search Options in Self Service Procurement Shopping
    Options available to search in Self Service Procurement Shopping


    I am certain most, if not all of you are familar with the options available to requesters to perform an efficient search on our Self Service Procurement shopping pages. I thought the below might serve as a reminder to perhaps a newer group of requesters.

    Question: What are the various search options available in the keyword search on our Self Service Procurement shopping page?


    A. Wildcard searches:

    You can use (Per Cent symbol) or * (asterisk symbol) as wildcard characters before, in the middle of, or at the end of a search keyword or partial keyword. These will return matches where the string you have searched is a partial match

    B. AND type searches:

    Remember that if you enter two separate keywords in the search field, there is an implicit AND added and the system will search for strings that match for those keywords together. If you type Laptop Accessory as your search, the system will return results where both these words are matched

    C. Using - (Hyphen) or _ (Underscore):

    Note that using either of these characters in a keyword search will be treated as whole words. So if an item is called Bush-Rotor and you search on Bush, it will not return Bush-Rotor by itself. You can use % wildcard to get that specific result back

    D. Special characters ignored in search:

    The special characters / (slash) and & (ampersand) are ignored in retrieving search results

    E.  Fuzzy Search:

    Using the Expand Search feature allows fuzzy search matches including stemming searches matching plural forms and other tenses.

    Do share your opinions on how you use these in your organizations or views on what we can do to improve this search experience.