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    How to: How to release a hold on a requisition line
    Topic posted February 10, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited February 10, 2019, tagged How-To, Requisition Processing, Requisition Web Services 
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    How to: How to release a hold on a requisition line
    How to release a hold on a requisition line


    In a drop ship flow, there were some changes made on the sales order configuration that caused a requisition that was already in process for that order to go on hold. This happens because the DOO team blocks changes to order lines that have a status of Requisition Created. However, due to some exception use cases, the changes on the order line could not be blocked and consequently, the requisition lines went on hold.

    Now, when this happens, a purchase order, as is obvious, cannot be created for that requisition line. This means the flow is essentially blocked. Prior to the solution discussed in this article, for such unforeseen cases data fix was being implemented. These are not recommended or suitable for recurring scenarios.


    This article provides Support and Customers an easy way to release the hold on the requisition line. This frees up the requisition for further processing and the corresponding order orchestration flow to continue as deemed necessary. The attached word document provides you a detailed step by step description of how this needs to be achieved.

    Please take a read.


    Please note that Support has also published a KM Note on this topic. Here is the link: 

    How To Use Purchase Request Web Service To Release Hold On Drop Ship Purchase Requisition Line (Doc ID 2503692.1)



    • Mohanish Mahajan

      Hi Ashok, Thanks for the informative article, it is really good. We encounter this issue very frequently (8-10 orders every month) and it causes lot of frustration among the users.

      From requesting data fixes through SR, we have started to use the web service route; but I believe it is still a product bug that need to be resolved either on OM side or on Procurement; I hope this is just a temporary fix/ work-around and a permanent fix would arrive soon.



    • Ashok


      Thanks you for the comment. For these sort of integration issues, the initiating DOO teams have to provide the bug fix. I believe this fix is in progress.