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    James Beauchamp
    Abandoned Survey Reporting
    Topic posted September 25, 2019 by James BeauchampRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Abandoned Survey Reporting
    How I can report on drop off from a survey that only has one page


    I've been asked to investigate a way of reporting on our Transactional surveys to show the total amount of customers who open a survey and complete the questions vs open the survey and then abandon (i.e close the survey window and therefore do not submit their feedback). The survey we send contains all questions on one page.

    Is there any standard reporting/standard data table that will show this insight? Or what would be the best approach to find this information?







    • Sean Austin

      Hi James,

      Until the respondent clicks the "Next" button to move beyond the first page, or the "Submit" button for a one-pager, the answers to the questions on that page are not recorded - it needs that action to send their responses to the server.  I tend to make the first page of a survey quite short so if I can at least get the respondent to move to page 2, at least I have a partial response and I can compare question_sessions.created and question_sessions.completed in a custom report for the survey to see what my abandonment rate is.

      There is also a report on the results tab labeled Survey Page Dropoff Rate that may be of use to you if the survey is more than one page.