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    Cleophus Pereira
    Information needed on Oracle Cloud - Email Delivery Service
    Topic posted August 31, 2018 by Cleophus PereiraGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Information needed on Oracle Cloud - Email Delivery Service

    Hi all,

    I have existing application which sends out email uses mail server services for sending email.  I recently came across Oracle Cloud Email Delivery Service.  This look similar to AWS Simple Email Service.  i have question around this service.

    1. Can anyone provide link how one need to setup and configure?  Like step by step or get started kind of link. The User Guide  Oracle Cloud has shared look like generic. 

    2.  Can anyone share Java Sample code how to send email in case of using Email Delivery Service using Java Mail API (SMTP).  Do we need to take care for sending any additional parameters which we need to pass?  This is to understand impact on the current send email api client program.

    3.  Can we customize the custom domain names . eg.

    4. Is this service available in only in U.S. West (Phoenix, AZ) region?  How can we sent email in cases where application is hosted in asia or Europe region? Will it be able to send email from these region?

    5.  Lastly any other alternative services offered by Oracle Cloud for sending/receiving email