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    Ask Support page crash
    Topic posted September 5, 2008 by DavidTse Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Ask Support page crash

    2 Issues


    1.  On our Ask Support page, we get an Ajax request failure popup during the 2nd/last step (entered required inputs, click continue, shown suggested answers, then click continue again).


    The submitting image just keeps going and the incident is never submitted.


    2. For one account, we can't seem to login in Firefox (IE is fine) and we get a Permission Denied, Illegal parameter error.





    • david fulton
      Hi Dave - the latest we have is that this is due to a misformed field - We have a few people looking at this and it should be resolved shortly. Once we have the reason, I'll update the thread, so if there is something to learn out of this - other CP users can learn from your experience.
    • Stdranwl

      Hi Dave,


      We are also facing this (Ajax failure) error message and when click on OK on the alert box, Incident submitted so come to Rightnow backend but we do not redireded to Confirmation page rather we remain on the ASK a QUESTION page. can please give any clue to overcome to this.



    • Stdranwl
      Hi Can anybody from forum please help me on this?
    • Ernie Turner
      Use Firebug to look at the response that you're getting from the server. That should tell you what is happening. Chances are that you're getting a non-JSON result back.
    • zynga_carlos

      We've been getting complaints from this for a few months.  It's usually caused by an json recursion error.  It seems to happen with various browsers (Ie, FF, Chrome, Safari) but we've never figured out the root cause.



      When we submitted a ticket to RN they indicated it should be fixed in Nov 09.



    • Ernie Turner
      Usually the JSON recursion error is caused by including the jQuery framework within CP. Before November '09, jQuery doesn't play well with our framework and causes many known errors. There are a few existing posts about this subject.