• Marko Knezevic

    There is a better option, via BPM Worklist Task Configurator we can edit the conditions (IF) and operations (THEN).

    This is the way we have solved this. The condition was set to count the length of Negotiation title, and if longer than X then we have set it to autoapprove.

    Thank you,

  • Marko Knezevic

    I am sorry to hear that.

    I have seen that number can't be used with checkbox, however it was confusing to see that the option to select checkbox has appeared in my case (perhaps because the value set values contains only two options?).

    Perhaps in the future we could use number DFF if it has two values 0 and 1 with checkbox.

    Thank you,

  • Marko Knezevic


    I know I can use LOV, but the numeric display doesn't suit our need since the DFFs will be used to mark true or false.
    If I use LOV, then the value 0 or 1 is visible as the value for DFF on supplier profile but I would like to display some text or simply checked checkbox.

    The real purpose of the DFF will be to mark the if the supplier needs to be added to the Assessment initiative this year for example.



  • Marko Knezevic

    Hi Piyush,

    In SQM, I have created a question which will read the value from DFF and automatically generate score and a QA which contains this question and will qualify the supplier with automatic outcome according to the scoring rule I add.

    The question setup => Responder Type: automatic, mapped to suppllier attribute (select Additional information and the DFF I want to use).
    In order to use automatic scoring with this question, I need the DFF to be numeric (this is the only way to user automatic scoring).

    Is there a way to set the DFF to be Display Type: checkbox and Data Type: number? I have tried to create a Global Segment DFF Data Type numeric and with an independent value set, value set values 0 and 1 but can't use Display Type: checkbox.

    The error I get:The display type of the segment is not compatible with its value set. (FND-2881)


  • Marko Knezevic

    Hi Angie,

    It would be really good if we could at least select the values for the LOV for users to see when clicking the Qualification Name.

    This way, it really makes a mess. In my example I have created and activated the Qualification Area which was immediately inactivated because I had misspelled the name. I have immediately created another QA with the correct name and they are both seen by users which confuses them.

    This Qualification Name LOV is seen also in Negotiations => Suppliers => Search and Add and in SQM Create initiative => Suppliers => Search and Add.

    Is there any workaround to make this happen?

    I have attached the image for you to see.


  • Marko Knezevic

    The Award Decision Notification is available for configuration using BIP now in 19A.

    What we should have also are all Sourcing notifications to be edited via Page Composer or BIP.

    Currently, only four notifications out of 17 can be edited, that is simply not good enough.

  • Marko Knezevic

    Dear Angie,

    Unfortunately it doesn't help me much...

    I still think that this is really not a good approach to have to manually add internal responder for each supplier we add to an initiative.
    This should really have to be possible to define somewhere else and use it as a default value here in SQM.

    This idea is the thing that could solve my problem too -

  • Marko Knezevic

    Thank you for your answer, I realized that using branching can't be the solution for my problem but it would be a good solution if it could be used smiley

    I wanted a solution where automatic question can prevent the questionnaire to be sent.

    It seems that this can not be done in any way for the first qualification, only for requalifications we can use the knockout score to determine the outcome without sending the questionnaire to internal responder.

  • Marko Knezevic

    I had an idea to use question branching (if answer to Q1 is acceptable then show Q2) but can't use question with response type internal as branch of a question with response type automatic. sad

  • Marko Knezevic

    Thanks Piyush,

    I would like to add the steps to enable Source View for those who don't know:

    1. Please check and confirm if you have "Procurement Application Administrator" role assigned. 
    2. Setup profile option value “FND_PAGE_COMPOSER_SOURCE_VIEW” - Select profile value as "Yes" at site level. 
    3. Navigation: Navigator > Setup and Maintenance > Manage Administrator Profile Values 
    4. Login with the user for which above profile options are setup and navigate to page needs to be customized. 
    5. Select Customize Pages 
    6. Select View and choose Source


  • Marko Knezevic

    Thank you, that solved the problem.

  • Marko Knezevic

    Hi Poornima,

    Our customer wants to sell the excess inventory to his employees, not Suppliers.


    The company has 10 cars that will not be used for company purpose anymore and they want to sell them to their employees.
    We would like to create a Seller Negotiation and be able to invite all employees who will then be able to make their bids and the system awards the best bidder.

    Thank you

  • Marko Knezevic

    Hello Piyush,

    another issue I have is with Bank Account, where IBAN is not verified against Bank Account number but only the country specific validation is done.

    IBAN contains the Bank Account number, but the system does not validate that Bank Account number is the same as the one contained in IBAN field. 

    So the supplier can currently enter like this for example (the system will validate the registration as ok if Bank Account is not duplicate):

    IBAN = HR810299804 8909239156

    bank account number = 1234567890

    where in fact this is not ok. If we assume that IBAN is correct in this example, then bank account number should be 8909239156 (last 10 IBAN digits).

    is there any indication that this will be corrected in the near future?

    Thank you again.

  • Marko Knezevic

    The Sandbox publish is not an option in this phase, I am setting this up for demo purpose (proof of concept).

    that is why I want the DFF to be deployed to Sandbox also. Having them on instance could cause problems with the client if they want to test something else regarding Suppliers.

  • Marko Knezevic

    1. The steps are: Setup and Maintenance => Manage Supplier Descriptive Flexfields => POZ_SUPPLIERS => Action menu => Deploy to Sandbox (warning message, click ok) and the result is that the DFF Deployment status is Deployed instead Deployed to Sandbox.

    I have already described them in my first post (Step 2)

    2. This is correct. I can’t see the DFF Context Segments on the UI. Tried to apply the Mode blank, Global and Context but nothing has changed.

    can anyone try this DFF setup on other release than 19A, since my instance and demo are both19A? Could this be a problem/bug for 19A?