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  • Lautaro Illescas

    I also suggested this, but they want a PDF as an attachment. 

    But i also think this is the way to go, I tested it using a custom page and opening it locally, and it worked. 

    When i sent it by PHP, the image didnt display correctly.

    I will continue testing this.



  • Lautaro Illescas

    Hello Vlad, thanks for your answer.

    We have an object that will receive the bynary data of a signature from another system. This will trigger our custom process, and it's expected from OSvC to execute a report, wich contains fields from an incident. 

    With this we need to add the PNG that we received to the report, then make it a PDF and send it by mail.

    We didn't find a way OOTB to make the image dynamic on the report, for example, to show an attachment as an image on the report, so we could replace that attachment and simply execute the report and send the mail. We also tried to use PHP libraries to accomplish this, but we couldn't use them as OSvC blocked it,

    I will attach two screenshots.



    Report.png (73KB)