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    Oracle PAAS offering for end to end mobile development16
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    Oracle PAAS offering for end to end mobile development

     We are exploring Mobile development platform, does anybody know of any Oracle Cloud offering for the same.


    It's a bit confusing and I am new to Oracle PAAS offering. Did look up some videos about Oracle PAAS but not very clear.


    Just want some inputs with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), the development tool seems to be MAX, basically for business users. I am guessing the MAX tool generates an underlying MAF application.


    Question 1): Is there any provision in the Oracle MCS to develop the application using Oracle JDeveloper and MAF or does it just provision backend APIs


    Also, is the Oracle MCS one stop shop for all mobile development needs.  Or any other software needs to be installed in addition like SQLLite so forth.


    2) Can anyone suggest a end to end mobile development PAAS with a working example or video.