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  • Jeannine Giovagnoli

    Hi , I added the DM and Report per Word Document instructions (thanks-very helpful) in Alexey's post.  However it gives me all users, not just 'Active' users.  How can I modify the sql to include on Active users and their assigned roles and the date the role was assigned (and by whom if possible)?  I have modified the sql to exclude Employee and Line Manager roles, since those are auto-provisioned.  We need this for security audit.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks Much!

  • Jeannine Giovagnoli


    I am wondering if using the data loader, we can set the passwords for a subset of people to a specific value (i.e. Welcome123) and not send out the notification.  I don't see a field on the data loader for passwords. This solution seems to only work if SSO is not used and passwords are stored in Fusion.

    We have to commonly reset many passwords when doing UAT on preproduction instances so we can log in as that specific user.  We use SSO on Prod, but have enabled non-SSO on Test.

    If not, is there some other functionality that we can use to reset passwords, in mass, for user accounts?


    Thanks in advance for  your time.