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  • Adrian Lee

    Thanks for the input, guys. I'm not good with coding on CP. Will need to explore this a little more.

  • Adrian Lee

    Yes, I have two forms. One for AskAQuestion and one for Complaints.


    How do I hide and give each form a different selected value in the custom field?


    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Adrian Lee

    Despite trying a few options, I have not managed to get this to work.


    Is there a way to tell from which source the incident is being created from? Whether Ask A Question or the Lodge a Complaint form? If there is then I could just create a incident rule and check from what source it was created from. But under incident rules I could only see Ask A Question under end user pages.

  • Adrian Lee

    I'm feeling a bit lost with this. Does anyone have any suggestion?


    Basically what I want to do is to have 2 forms - AskAQuestion and LodgeAComplaint.


    AskAQuestion is a simple form that handles general enquiries. It's the standard RNT Ask form.


    LodgeAComplaint has more fields (contact, incidents) and require the visitor to also attach documents to support that complaint.


    When submitted, SmartAssistant should suggest related answer on AskAQuestion but not on LodgeAComplaint.  There should also be different SLAs for enquiries and complaints.


    At the back end, on the incident workspace, there will be a IncidentType field that shows the Agent if this is an Enquiry or Complaint.  If it shows its a Complaint then the agent would know that there is more info available on one of the tabs (complaints).


    How would I be able to differentiate an enquiry from a complaint? Is there a way to tell which form the incident was created from?  In that case, I could write a rule to set IncidentType to whichever type it was.


    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  • Adrian Lee

    Two separate forms. The AskAQ form at has a link at the top to a different LodgeAComplaint form.


    What I'd like to do at the back-end is to display a Complaint Tab only when IncidentType is set to "Complaint" aka info is sent in from the Complaint form.


    Also, is there a way to turn off Smart Assistant for only this complaint form but maintain it on the AskAQ form?

  • Adrian Lee

    No, I haven't done anything to opensearch.php.


    I'll have a look at the enduser report.


    Thanks for the tip.