• Chris Phillips

    Thanks for that Stewart. Still getting to grips with the Unified view!

    It'd be useful if we had the same functionality via the Resource Route screen though. I'll drop an ideas lab submission

  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Esteban,


    Before changing anything that Anil has suggested below, i'd look at your routing filters and check to make sure you are picking up Scheduled and Non-Scheduled activities from the bucket as appropriate. The fact you are picking up no activities at all suggests to me there may be an issue with your filters. Can you share the config?




  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Adam,

    We have our end of day set to +23 hours for this exact reason. The real implication is your daily extract wont be available until nearly +1 day later, so that is the soonest you can get any Oracle data for your own reports. 

  • Chris Phillips
    Thanks Graham That makes sense. I've not explored forms in too much detail yet but I'll mock something up and if I hit any barriers I'll give you a shout. The conversation has sprung from a requirement Alex is looking in to anyway so he will I'm sure be involved at some point too!
  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Graham,

    I've been reviewing the documentation regarding Forms, and im trying to understand how it might be possible to amend an existing form or essentially copying a form and resubmitting it.

    I can see that records are saved in the form history when a form is submitted with all of the entries but they are not editable. I was also wondering if it was possible to "copy" a form, or save the previous entries which can then be resubmitted or amended. Again what i've read in the documentation is that the values will always be blank when a new form is submitted.


    Do you know if there is a way around this directly in OFSC or do I need to look at plug ins/APIs as an alternative?

  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Jo,


    Thanks very much for your reply. I can see that being a potential option for us, but would require some revision of our existing workzone definitions as they are currently quite large. 

    Just reading up on the Capacity API, i've seen in the documentation the mention of being able to utilise the travel time parameter to determine travel duration between existing activities (or start location) and the current activity being created. Has anybody tried to utilise this method? Assuming there will be some client slide logic that will need to return the "closest" travel time potentially.

    Im hoping that might be an option rather than having to define hard restrictions in terms of Workzones.



  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Zsolt,


    Thanks for your reply. So calling out your second automated option. How would we be able to give an indication to our booking system which the best appointment offering is in terms of shortest travel time? 

  • Chris Phillips

    Which Capacity method are you using? Quota based? Or Availability Based?


    Availability should consider a two step check

    Firstly - Is there available quota

    Secondly - Is there capacity which is based on Resource calendars (Minus activities already on the routes, or Scheduled activities in the bucket for that day).




  • Chris Phillips

    Do you not have support from Oracle Consultants when implementing Oracle within your business? Some time with them would give you an awful lot of understanding. Additionally there is loads of educational material on the Oracle University learning subscription,track:18518

    I've spent the last year and a half helping to implement OFSC in my own organisation, and i feel like i'm only just scratching the surface of what is possible. There's a huge amount of customisation within OFSC itself, not to mention possibilities through API methods, and third party plug ins (although we haven't yet explored the latter). 


    I agree with Zsolt though, there wont be much value of people commenting on limitations of OFSC on here, any genuine limitations you do find, i'd suggest posting a discussion topic for those individually to see if anyone in the community has a suggestion on how they have solved a similar challenge, if not you can submit the post to the ideas lab to try and influence Oracle's product roadmap. With quarterly updates now, theres constant new functionality coming in, so what you may not have today, you could have in future if it is a well sought after and legitimate requirement.


  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Madhu,


    Have you set the workzone key definition to the "work centre" field you have created?

    In Configuration > Workzones

    The definition appears at the top left.

    In the example i've attached we are using a property called "Work Zone Key". That for you would i'm assuming be Work Centre or something similar.


    If you have not set that, then you may not be looking for the workzone key in the correct field. You can add a new field and you can also specify if it needs to be case sensitive for the first letter or not case sensitive.


    Hope this helps you.


    If not there might be something else useful in the documentation:


    Kind Regards



  • Chris Phillips

    The warning status will indicate scenarios like:

    When an activity is routed outside of is SLA

    When an activity is routed outside of it's service window

    When an activity is linked to another activity but they are not scheduled in accordance with their link type (ie. a job has a Simultaneous link but they are not scheduled to start at the same time)


  • Chris Phillips

    One of the challenges we have found with routing is the amount of time it needs to run for a large volume of activities and large number of technicians. We have had experiences in my organisation where routing has exceeded its 20min maximum time and I believe not produced the most efficient route as a result. This I have been told is because a large volume of our activities are non-scheduled activities and are not restricted to a specific time or date. As a result the routing algorithm has significantly more variations to consider.

    I would discuss with your client the need to route so many activities so far in advance. Will they not be subject to change over that year based on potential changes in workload or workforce availability?

  • Chris Phillips

    Could you potentially control the amount of activities that are scheduled to each technician using Dynamic Routing? Something like the parameters attached?



  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Dima,

    I think the challenge for us is we are talking about thousands of activities a day, and the site champions tend to rotate and may change from month to month, so if an activity crosses over to the next month, they may no longer be the site champion as they were the previous week. Also immediate routing wouldn't work for us - the aim of our business is to provide as much forward planning of these activities. Currently we are routing these activities over a 2 week window.


    It seems to me that the workzone principle would work for us if it had a higher level of influence on some of the other factors. If I was to change the cost of the resources, we are going to have to redefine them as different resources as well, at the moment, they are all just the same resource type.

  • Chris Phillips

    Hi Martin,


    Thanks for your reply. Totally agree with your point, and if this was an exception, I wouldn't be pursuing it, but this occurrence is daily. In terms of filtering based on the workzones I'm not sure what parameters we'd use to achieve it.

    In the example

    Person A has WZ1 at 100, WZ2 at 50 and WZ3 at 10

    Person B has WZ1 at 10, WZ2 at 100 and WZ3 at 50

    Person C has WZ1 at 50, WZ2 at 10 and WZ3 at 100

    Ideally I'd like to say - assign to everybody with 100 weighting first, then everybody at 50 and finally at 10, but I don't see a way to do this in the filter attributes as there isn't one for workzone weighting. There is one for Resource Workzones, but we wouldn't wouldn't want to assign all weighting for WZ1 for instance, until we have attempted to assign the 100 weightings for WZ2 and WZ3.


    I hope this makes sense?