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  • Arpan Chakrabarti

    Yup I get it Piyush, that's how it has been for ages. 2 Hitech client, 1 Industrial and 1 commercial is now asking for the same thing. If you take Grainger as an example, their business model is not centralized or any other vendor who is doing business in a decentralized way and has diff address and contacts, the will have dif bank a/c meant only for that Buying division. For ex Northeast vs Mid central or US vs China.

    And lets just say the above is not a compelling use case, purely from a process standpoint the flow seems redundant. If you have to take it from header and manually put it on Site every time, defeats the self service model and its purpose.


  • Arpan Chakrabarti

    Hi Piyush,

    This is a use case where the client has a diversified portfolio and has multiple BU's/LE's but shares the same supplier across and does business using different sites for the same Supplier. When the Supplier is creating or updating a Bank account meant for BU A there's no way for the supplier to flag that. On top of that all the Bank accounts now gets stored at Header level, post that the vendor Management team from the Buying company now have to take that information and assign to the correct site after calling the Supplier. Seems redundant when you have a self service model meant to reduce those administrative tasks.

    Hope the above helps!