• Uma Pachipala


    Tax Entry Repository Data upload (FBDI) is the most complex one and I could never make it work. Couple of my customers use Create Taxable Journals spreadsheet. I did use Taxable Transaction spreadsheet during CRPs.

    Key points on taxable journals and transactions

    1) Taxable journal requires legal entity level subscription which you do in you tax regime setup

    2) Taxable transaction requires BU level subscription

    3) Taxable transaction is similar to making a transaction in AP or AR i.e. you require to fill in all details

    4) Taxable journal works at legal entity level, thus do not require BU level details. You enter the amount details and GL accounts. GL accounts you enter are not tax accounts. The tax accounts are derived from tax setups. 

    5) Spradsheet upload process submits Create Accounting, which do the GL journals

    I hope this assists and clarifies few things 





  • Uma Pachipala

    Hi David,

    Which method you are attempting to use? Spreadsheet (ADFDI) or FBDI?