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  • Jesus Escobar
    Hi Krishna  
    Seeing the document that clarifies many things, thank you very much. I see an important point
    "The landed cost compensation account is a laundering account and must be balanced at the end of
    Try to pay cycle. The expense account on the invoice of the charge lines enabled for the landed cost does not
    The PO reference service is to share the same account as the one used in the Landed cost compensation
    account. This will result in an account balance once the charge in the material order is processed Receipt"
    That indicates that the Landed Cost Clearing account must be the same as when the invoice is charged make the payment?
    LC clearing account is not balanced. ??
  • Jesus Escobar
    Hi Sam first to all, thanks for your time to answer,  that is exactly the process here, fermentation and preservation,  the semi-wine in a tank / barrel,  then past to a cleanskin bottle (unlabelled bottle) after in a fully labeled and ready to sell bottle. 
    That is more clear now for desaing my process. thanks a lot. 
    Sam  I would ask something more,  the process the pass from one tank to another (racking) how do you do ?  do you have locators for each tank? locators to each bbls(barrel)?  how represente that accion in sistem.   a simple inventory transfer
    For this client  have more than 50 tank  a  more than 300 bbls  that is to much barrels 
    I would think that there are too many transactions when notifying production and that it is required to fill 30 barrels for example.
  • Jesus Escobar
    Hi, i  try doing the following,  in the event ( Work Order Update) a filter was created so that it only triggers when the release status unreleased to release
    <xpathExpr xmlns=""  xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns2="">$eventPayload/ns2:result/ns1:WoStatusCode='ORA_RELEASED'</xpathExpr>
    Is to avoid consulting through GET every 10 min if an OT status change.
    That work for me.
  • Jesus Escobar
    hi dev I leave a white paper that explains how to achieve the specific scenario.
  • Jesus Escobar

    By Example 

    The lot A5465 is available for that article should be available to be consumed by FIFO


  • Jesus Escobar
    Hi Valerie.
    I Make the invocation of web / fscmService / WorkOrderMaterialTransactionService? WSDL
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:typ="" xmlns:mat="" xmlns:lot="" xmlns:ser="" xmlns:wor="">
                   <mat:TransactionQuantity unitCode="UN">1</mat:TransactionQuantity>
                      <mat:TransactionQuantity unitCode="UN">1</mat:TransactionQuantity>
    The situation is how indicate to the Web services that it must look for the Lot number through FIFO conditions.
    <mat: TransactionLotInput>               
            <mat: LotNumber> L004 </ mat: LotNumber>            
           <mat: TransactionQuantity unitCode = "UN"> 1 </ mat: TransactionQuantity>           
    </ mat: TransactionLotInput> 
    This must have been that a raw material BANDEJ_01_30 has L004,  L005 … L00N, indicated that it must first take L004 and then at the end of that L004  start with L005  and so on.  FIFO conditions.