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  • Jesus Escobar
    Hi, i  try doing the following,  in the event ( Work Order Update) a filter was created so that it only triggers when the release status unreleased to release
    <xpathExpr xmlns=""  xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns2="">$eventPayload/ns2:result/ns1:WoStatusCode='ORA_RELEASED'</xpathExpr>
    Is to avoid consulting through GET every 10 min if an OT status change.
    That work for me.
  • Jesus Escobar
    hi dev I leave a white paper that explains how to achieve the specific scenario.
  • Jesus Escobar

    By Example 

    The lot A5465 is available for that article should be available to be consumed by FIFO


  • Jesus Escobar
    Hi Valerie.
    I Make the invocation of web / fscmService / WorkOrderMaterialTransactionService? WSDL
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:typ="" xmlns:mat="" xmlns:lot="" xmlns:ser="" xmlns:wor="">
                   <mat:TransactionQuantity unitCode="UN">1</mat:TransactionQuantity>
                      <mat:TransactionQuantity unitCode="UN">1</mat:TransactionQuantity>
    The situation is how indicate to the Web services that it must look for the Lot number through FIFO conditions.
    <mat: TransactionLotInput>               
            <mat: LotNumber> L004 </ mat: LotNumber>            
           <mat: TransactionQuantity unitCode = "UN"> 1 </ mat: TransactionQuantity>           
    </ mat: TransactionLotInput> 
    This must have been that a raw material BANDEJ_01_30 has L004,  L005 … L00N, indicated that it must first take L004 and then at the end of that L004  start with L005  and so on.  FIFO conditions.