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  • prathyusha mandava

    Thankyou Vijay Goodavagaram for your valuable information on this. I will get the details from Rohit Rathore.

    Approval tasks for Change Orders which are in pending approval status are required for us since we are unable to determine who it is waiting on approval for, due to being unable to view the approval task history. Even for auditing purpose, we need to ensure there is record that would reflect this information as well.

  • prathyusha mandava


    We currently have a PO in production instance. When the Procurement Manager who has access to all the required roles clicks on Pending Approval status link in the Change Order screen. A popup is coming with Status: Permission Denied (The logged in user doesnot have permission to view task history)

    This is the case happening only with this PO for all the users having required roles. When users opens up the other PO's, they are able to see all the details.

    Can we get the reason why this is happening only with this PO. The required screenshots are attached.

    I have logged an SR for the same SR 3-20873385591 and it was informed that based on the current approval task purge policy, the old completed approval tasks has been purged from soa datastore.


    1. What is Oracle purge policy on approval tasks in brief?

    2. If the Change Order is approved, then if Approval details are purged, then atleast that data is getting stored in View document history or view order history. But our Change Order is still in pending approval status. If data gets purged, it is effecting the business. What can be the solution for this. 

    3.  What is the time frame for purging is?

    4.  Can we set or override the purge policy?

    Could you please provide us answers for these.



    Prathyusha Mandava