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  • Yousif Badawi

    Thanks again Mr Michael. We will test that now. Some reserved items need to be cleared first in Test pod before we can carry on. I will let you know the result. Meanwhile, can you please explain this one it's telling the opposite:

    3.  Why does the Approve Physical Inventory Adjustments page show that the application is adjusting out the whole on-hand quantity when I am voiding a tag?

    For Default Tags: This is the same as entering a count quantity of zero, and the complete on-hand quantity needs to be adjusted out.  You may want to void a default tag if you do not find any on-hand quantity for that tag.  Voiding a default tag does not mean that you do not want to count a default tag.

    For Blank Tags: You can void an unused blank tag.  This is done to indicate that you are done with the process for this tag.


    Source: Fusion INV: Common Problems and Solutions - Perform Physical Inventory Count (Doc ID 1471555.1)

  • Yousif Badawi

    Thank you Michael for passing by. The [Void] option will make all my voided items are zero quantity, correct? If yes, in that case I will not be able to invoice my non-counted stock until I did the counting process again! In another words, the non-counted stock will not be there at all to utilize which I don't want to do.

  • Yousif Badawi

    Please allow us to vote for this feature. System not allowing to change LOT number is big showstopper to our current operations.

  • Yousif Badawi

    I was wondering the same thing, Is Fusion Cloud supports using multiple units of measure for a single item?

    Thanks for the feedback in advance.

  • Yousif Badawi

    Is there any workaround for this yet? We import items using File-Import with Sales Price filled with a 0.01 dummy amount yet, the Sales Price in OM came blank and not editable. Thanks!

  • Yousif Badawi

    I don't know if my question is related to the topic or not but I decided to post it here instead of opening new topic.

    We are uploading items codes via File Import with default Price: 0.01 in both List Price and Market Price columns in the template. Still when go into Order Management and insert any of those items the price field came grayed out (blank and un-editable).

    I went and created new item manually and the same thing happened: No price entry available. Kindly check the attached picture.

  • Yousif Badawi

    Dear Piyush,

    This resolved the case. Many thanks for the swift, sweet reply and detailed screen name to look after.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Yousif Badawi

    Dear Mr. Kevin, 

    Thanks a lot for the screenshots, Hopefully this will help me understand how it is done now.

    If I may ask, after this you don't need to go and double-click cell by cell to open the Web UI and select the corresponding *Security Context Value[..] , right? 

    In other words, can you copy the values in Security Context Value[..] columns as well or still you need to pick them one by one manually via the pop-up [Select Security Context Value] web screen?

    Select Security Context Value Screen

    Appreciate your time feedback in advance. 

  • Yousif Badawi

    Thank you Sir for taking time to reply. I guess this below step is what I need to figure in order to get to this Smart copy. I will try to know how and let you know. Thanks again.

    "Highlight first table line of upload spreadsheet and drag down to highlight same number of lines, then right click-->insert to get that number of "smart" rows in upload spreadsheet. "


  • Yousif Badawi

    I am struggling with the right way to fill the excel sheet to give many users some data access, is there any video or step-by-step manual with screenshot so that I can understand how I can copy one staff data-access roles to other team in his department, all at once. Thanks!

    Assigning Data Access to Users Using a Spreadsheet: