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  • Sathyanath Lappasi

    yes I have and no response yet.

    Also Is there any limit for compute allocation. . if this is the case, how do we scale up on demand.

    I think data from any platform could be used no matter if it is on-prem or cloud (any platform) as it is gonna be a scheduled data sync and it gets loaded on to our platform and then on it will be seamless for any analytical task. Only challenge is the per user compute or memory allocation that I'm concerned of which may not be ignored when it comes to large audience base.

    I guess Files that stores these reports could be given guest access. still this needs to be validated.

  • Sathyanath Lappasi

    Actual visitors landing on the page will be around 1,00,000. Customer expects a 10% concurrency. So 10,000 people will be visiting the page at the same time. This will increase over the time at 30% YoY.

    Data Source: My SQL(AWS) and few excel files

    Data Volume: 500 MB (excel + MySQL combined)

    For ex refer these links for embedded dashboards. consider such page gets 10,000 visitors across the world.:

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