• monique perkins

    The products and categories should have a comma for the levels, but a semi-colon to separate different ones.  

    I believe you have a parent 509 with two sub-products 535 and 534



  • monique perkins

    Hi Christopher,

    here are two things to check:

    1 - clickstreams only records in production mode.  If you are in dev mode you won't see any entries.  You may also have to wait for the utilities to run and populate the table.

    2 - if you made a custom controller you may need to add a clickstreams entry in the constructor to register the controller function.  Look at the standard ajax controller for examples. 


    one other thing:

    Looking at your example:$CI->Report_model->getDataHTML($this->input->post('reportID'), createToken($this->input->post('reportID')), $filters, array()); would suggest you are dynamically setting the report id to show.  Be very careful with this.  If you don't secure it correctly a hacker will be able to see any report in your database.

  • monique perkins

    Hi James,

    The OrgList2 widget really is probably what you want.  They can't select different orgs, just if they want all their incidents or those of the org as well.

    If not then the the hook parameters are

    $hookData['data']['filters']['org']->filters->fltr_id =  'incidents.org_id'
    $hookData['data']['filters']['org']->filters->data = $this->CI->session->getProfileData('org_id');
    $hookData['data']['filters']['org']->filters->rnSearchType = 'org';


    Note that there are restrictions on what incidents can be opened by each contact.  You will need to set the config MYQ_VIEW_ORG_INCIDENTS to the appropriate value as well so they can see the other incidents in their org. 

  • monique perkins

    You can put different tags on the page then build css on each page to match the tags. 

    for example one of the css tags in the syndicated widget is:



    So on one of your pages you can add:

    <div id = styleDiv class = style1>

    {syndicated widget div code here}



    Then put a style on your page that is:


    div .style1 .rn_Suggestions


    and it will overwrite the base style since it has the more specific selector.  That way you can have each widget instance look the way you want.


  • monique perkins

    Hi Don,

    Contact information is kept per site, not per interface.  So if "John" changes his password on interface "A" his password will also be changed for the other interfaces.

  • monique perkins

    Sorry no.  That was part of the design.

  • monique perkins

    We set cookies on the browser to prevent it from poppping al the time.  That might be what you are seeing. 

    If you select "yes" or "no" then we set a session cookie.  This prevents it from popping up as a user moves from page to page on your site, or if they refresh the page.  Is that what you are seeing?

  • monique perkins

    To remove it from answer links you need to change the Mulitline2 widget tag to have

    add_params_to_url = ""

    and that will stop appending the /kw/ parameter. It passes kw by default.

    The reason we append it is so that the answer details page can highlight any keywords that were searched for in the body of the answer.  If you don't want this functionality then you can remove it.  I'm curious what problems it is causing you?

  • monique perkins

    It should work with just the widget tag and no additonal attributes.

    Do you have chat agents available and assigned to the correct queues?

    if you set min_agents_avail="0" will it pop?

  • monique perkins

    The first loading of the widget is done through the caching server.  We do not record the original query term for the cached hit. 


  • monique perkins

    We don't have a standard widget that will display that way.  You will need to build your own based on KeywordText2 and SearchTypeList.

  • monique perkins

    No - the setting has to be enabled to see the fields.

    This part puzzles me though: PTA_IGNORE_CONTACT_PASSWORD is currently set to false in order to stop the automatic e-mails being sent when a new user is created through the Agent Desktop

    I'm not a desktop nor a mail expert, but that doesn't seem correct to me. You should be able to use rules to suppress this, or maybe there is another mail setting that might turn this off.  You should ask on and see if they have a better solution for you.

  • monique perkins

    Hi Christopher,

    Yes you problem is that you have PTA enabled.  When PTA is enabled we assume you are keeping the passwords on your site and we don't allow users to change them in CP. Some other fields will display, but since we don't display password information the fields are hidden. 

    Depending on what release you are using then if you need to have the user change passwords on the site we do allow "dual" mode - you can use both PTA or have them create accounts on the CP site.  There are restricitons to it however.  The first is that you must use encrypted PTA, the second is that you must set PTA_IGNORE_CONTACT_PASSWORD to true

    The full documetation about PTA is here:

  • monique perkins

    Thats a nice solution Matt.

    In CP you can also set the login / email fields by using the pre_contact_create hook so you don't need to call contact_update right after contact_create. Its a little faster that way.

    For those of you who don't know - the external event runs every time contact_create (or whatever api) is called.  This includes changes from the console, CP, xml_api, custom code, and Connect.  CP hooks will only run when the user creates an account through CP. Both methods are useful for different reasons.  External events are like system hooks as opposed to CP which are enduser only hooks.

  • monique perkins

    Hi Craig,

    We don't allow wild card searches at the start of a word due to performance reasons.

    Either Hillside% or Hillside* will work, but %Hillside% will return the same results as Hillside%