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  • Cy Routh


    Support has identified the issue and is trying to track down the root cause. This does not appear to be a configuration issue, but who knows until the root cause is tracked down. Also, it only affects a small fraction of OPA sites integrated with OSvC Agent Desktop.

    For completeness' sake, I'll drop in a snippet from an associated error message:

    Identity mapping specified, but no valid user supplied in SAML token
  • Cy Routh

    Thanks Matt,

    We're running in Agent Desktop, not Customer Portal, so there is no widget. It's just pointing to the policy model in the workspace's OPA control. I've checked the custom objects and OPA's account permissions across the two OSvC environments as well. 

    My current guess from trying to interpret the stack trace is that the error happens when the interview is trying to load dynamic data for objects other than the Incident from which it is launched.

    I think the client has an SR (re)opened now, so maybe we'll get some traction on that front. It's been difficult to get steps from them for reproducing the issue they've been happening though, and it's a production system so I'm reluctant to just start banging on things to see what happens. I was just kinda hoping one of you folks might be able to offer some insight based on the stack trace.