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  • Paul White

    This answer still requires the Admin to individually delete each Activity - i.e., go into each Activity - vs go into each Account.


    Is there not a way to do this in bulk (i.e., clear a terminated users Calendar (including anyone else on the invite) on a go forward basis from the date they were terminated)?

  • Paul White

    This would be great to have... please, please, please do it holistically and include not just the "Manage User" items, but also the Resource Directory items, the Security Console items and the common preferences (like time zone)... right now the admins need to go to at least 2 if not 3 places to fully administer a new user, and the user then still has to do their own efforts to configure easy to program items like their time zone.

  • Paul White

    This is in fact pretty cool

  • Paul White

    Hi John,


    Can you provide more details on how to do this?


    Was quite surprised that there is no easy way to generate a User Activity Report (User Name, Last Date/Time Logged On would be sufficient)...

  • Paul White
    Yes, they are just reassigning them in this scenario. Oracle came up with a random distribution method; different from round robin is the sense that there is no order to the distribution although statistically over the long term the results should be essentially the same.
    Would like a method that has no extra maintenance beyond including or removing the sales people from the Organization vs having to change a script each time a salesperson is added or removed from the org (or company)
  • Paul White

    Just saw this post, and sent you a separate email.

    Please let me know the details on the bridge.

  • Paul White

    Would it make more sense to associate the Activities to the Contact?

    If so, does this currently happen when a Lead is converted and:

    a) the contact is created at that time (i.e., as part of the convert process)?

    b) the Lead had a Contact that was already created linked as the Primary Contact (i.e., are all Activities associated with the Lead also automatically linked to the primary Contact when the lead is converted)?