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  • Raviraj Murdeshwar

    Hi Jon,

    For current AIACS Dev and QA environment, I am using standalone servers for docker deployment.

    AIACS build artifacts consist of

    1. product jar file
    2. environment specific config files
    3. environment specific keytab files for Hadoop.

    In order to have generic docker image for dev and qa environment, we do not package above build artifacts as part of Docker and load it via volume mapping.

    In such cases, how can we deploy above build artifacts on docker host ?

    is it possible to provision shared file-system per resource pool where we can download the build artifacts ?

    I was trying to go through the OCCS documentation and could not find any loadbalancer information.

    I want to deploy 2 instances of product A using OCCS per host (on each host in the pool) rule, if prodcuct A crashed on Machine 1, will OCCS provide any fail over capabilities to switch to Machiine 2 ir it will just try to restart product A on Machine 1 ?

    Thanks ..