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  • Austin Clerkin

    I'm wondering if this is perhaps out of date with the November 11 release.

    After setting a clickstream attribute in the rn:meta tag of my "utils/create_account" page, my "accounts/profile" page is reporting a blank string for clickstream.

    Alternatively, and if this code snippet is still accurate, is it plausible that a custom widget/controller could be altering/omitting/"nulling out" the clickstream?


    On second thought, perhaps I assumed a use case that is incorrect, and the clickstream value/meta array that is accessible in this manner is from the rn:meta tag on the page you are on, not the, uh, clickstream of prior pages?

  • Austin Clerkin

    This answer was really helpful for me to figure out how to do PHP variable expansion in widget attributes. Maybe I missed it, but I don't think I've seen this documented, anywhere, and just reading the parser, it didn't jump out at me.

  • Austin Clerkin

    @Diane: maybe CURL would do it? CURL is used in the standard chat model to connect to the RightNow chat servers if https is enabled. I haven't tried using CURL for a machine to connect to itsself over HTTPS, but perhaps this is possible?

  • Austin Clerkin

    I'm trying to accomplish the same thing, but likewise haven't yet gotten it to work. Here's what I've cooked up so far:


    <rn:meta controller_path="custom/FileDownload  
             compatibility_set="November '09+"

    <? if(count($this->data['value']) > 0): ?>
        for($i=0; $i<count($this->data['value']); $i++):
                $created = (strpos($this->data['attrs']['name'], 'incidents') === false) ? '' : $this->data['value'][$i][2];
                $path="/ci/fattach/get/".$this->data['value'][$i][0] . '/' . $created;
    <? endif; ?>

  • Austin Clerkin

    It seems I was asking the wrong question, but have now found the debug logs by looking in the admin page. I must have misinterpreted the docs regarding debug logs in development mode.

  • Austin Clerkin

    With regards to production mode, what is the procedure to have a site function in Devleopment Mode when it is set to display the "Customer Portal Development Area" bar?

    Doing this in a test site would be, I suspect, more ideal, but is not currently practical. Putting that anticipated suggestion aside, is what I am describing possible?