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    Product Registration form Catalog search15.0
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    Product Registration form Catalog search
    Product Registration form that searches the Product Catalog

    Hello ,

    I am looking for the correct way and widget to use when creating a Product Registration page. This would have to search the product database and allow the customer to select (click) on the product they want to register when it shows up. They would then be able to enter in the product information (example: Serial Number, Date Purchased etc.) .

    -> Once his information is entered a hidden filed will show asking for all the customers information (Name, E-mail, Address, Phone, Etc.), also having a way for them to opt-in for promotional emails.

    --> This page would have to check against current (Registered) users to see if the account creation is needed using email address. Or it would just allow them register the product only and not create a full user account.

    - - - Update: April 11, 2019 - - -

    I have been able to add a search function to this page (Please see code Snippet) that looks to our knowledge base and can pull up the searched Item correctly. I am still looking to find out how to feed the search output back to the page so that when the user enters their account information (mailing address, phone etc.) it can be saved as a new registration record.


    Oracle Service Cloud August 2017 (Build 333 SP 5, CP 333)

    Framework Version 3.7

    Framework Version 3.7
    Code Snippet: