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  • Thomas Scott

    You could review note Oracle note 1636597.1. I was able to create an HSDL the way it is noted to add email addresses after they were missed, and have them flow over to the user account. I think you could use a similar approach. You could attempt running the jobs noted below to see if any of them resolve your issue first.

    Oracle note 1636597.1
    How Use HCM spreadsheet loader to update employee email address?

    Create the template with all the four fields below and update the email address

    * EmailAddressId

    * PersonNumber

    * Type

    * E-Mail

    * From Date (additional field required, but not stated in note)

    Please run following jobs in the sequence from Navigator->Tool->Scheduled Processes

    1. (Additional Step) Synchronize Person Records (Doc ID 1949045.1)

    2. Run Send Pending LDAP Requests

    3. Run Send Personal Data for Multiple Users to LDAP

    4. Run Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes

    5. (Additional Step) Run Send User Name and Password E-Mail Notifications process (Doc ID 2134269.1)

    NOTE: wait for one job to finish before starting another job

  • Thomas Scott

    Then Oracle Support note below might give you what you need or get you close.

    SCRIPT: Script to show table privileges for users and roles (Doc ID 1050267.6)

  • Thomas Scott

    I recall in the learning for security related to the copy function that the shallow was preferred by the instructor. If you perform a deep copy, the copies of the lower level item creates a higher maintenance need and risk of not automatically getting the security updates pushed out. This is because you create copies of the underlying items when you perform a deep copy when in most instances you want the shallow to retain that so there is a lowered maintenance need to keep things up-to-date. 

  • Thomas Scott

    I agree, but find this approach more time consuming because you can copy more easily in Excel than if using a notepad solution used for the development of a script like you referenced. Also, the string referenced is the same as what the Excel upload creates/uses. Many times I have seen Excel utilized to generate the script you referenced. At that point, is there a major benefit outside of possibly size constraints with Excel? I know you can have a very large set in Excel with no issue. Is there a tool you have found that can generate this type of script more quickly than Excel?

  • Thomas Scott

    Hi Angelo,

    I am not aware of an API to add BU to the procurement agents, but if they are already in the system I would try exporting/importing the data through the manage procurement agent task. Oracle Note: 2203883.1 has an example of this type of approach. It is specifically covering inventory setups, but you could apply the same concept to the procurement agents or other setups.

  • Thomas Scott


  • Thomas Scott


    There is an Oracle Support created one (Oracle DocID 2364273.1). I attached both files in the note. One allows you to create users, which will allow you to input userid's that are different than the system generated ones (MD_Create_User), and the other is for adding roles to user accounts (MD_Add_Roles).



  • Thomas Scott

    Hi Zoltan,

    You referenced an announcement noting spreadsheet loader is not going to be an option for the person (worker). Can you please share a link to that documentation? Also, do you have any links to worker HDL recommended fields for worker conversions?



  • Thomas Scott


    Regarding the upload of roles, I have used the template in Oracle DocID 2364273.1 to add roles in test domains, and it has worked to add/delete.

  • Thomas Scott

    Hi Johnathan,

    I listed a couple items that might help you with these. 

    1. You can reference Oracle Doc ID: 2364273.1. I have used both .XML files with success. You can utilize the CREATE_USER file to set user name to something different.

    2. I think this depends on what field you are loading External Identification numbers into. If you click on Advanced in the Person Management Search screen, you have the ability to add fields. Maybe this would help you for your search. Is the External Identification number you are referencing different than the Person Number?

  • Thomas Scott


    1. Is the solution being presented embedded in current modules or an add-on solution with additional cost associated?

    2. What are the specific workflows/modules the solution is applicable to (Procure-to-Pay (Purchasing, Inventory, AP, etc.), Procure-to-AM (Purchasing, AP, AM, etc.), etc.)?