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  • Palash Kundu

    Hi Ashok

    Please can you confirm that groovy script can be used for requisition page?

    Also if you have any SME on Groovy script that I can connect with for few pointers that will be helpful




  • Palash Kundu


    We are currently on R12 Cloud Financials and Procurement.

    Please let us know timeline for availability of R13 upgrade slots for customers like us.



  • Palash Kundu

    Thanks Manoj.

    We are using Smart Forms in Cloud R12 for various Request types like capital goods, services etc. Also we use project costing and project fields are part of requisition page.

    The requirements are as follows

    1) Have separate links in Requisition page for each of the smart forms. So if we have 5 smart forms we need 5 links.

    2) By accessing User Info accessing the requisition page can we default values and restrict values in LOV(This goes way beyond requisition preferences) for Projects related fields.

    3) Provide Hint over the fields.

    4) Introduce help url in smart forms.

    5)Add additional fields in smart forms( We are aware of Information Templates and Information Templates do not meet our requirement)

    6)Redesign the Requisition landing page with different content zones in different sections of page. Think more like carving out requisition page into 4 boxes each with its own smart forms like we can do in R13.

    Let me know if you need more information on above,

    Thanks for your help