ERP Cloud Ideas: Enhancement Request (ER) Process Change FAQ

Move to Cloud Customer Connect Idea Labs: Change to ER Processes within My Oracle Support

Q:  What is the change to the Enhancement Request (ER) process? 
A:  Oracle ERP Cloud plans to move the Enhancement Request (ER) process out of My Oracle Support and into the Idea Labs within Cloud Customer Connect.   

Q:  Why is Oracle ERP Cloud moving Enhancements out of My Oracle Support (MOS) into Cloud Customer Connect? 
A:  Ideas in Cloud Customer Connect will deliver more transparency on enhancement suggestions by allowing members to socialize their ideas with other users and the ability to vote on suggestions made by others. 

Q:  When is this change effective? 
A:  Targeted date for this change is August 1, 2019.

Q: What happens after August 1, 2019, to existing Enhancement Requests in My Oracle Support (MOS)?
A:  Enhancement requests (ERs) entered in My Oracle Support (MOS) prior to August 1st, 2019, can still be viewed in MOS, but they will no longer be updated by Oracle. Starting 8/1/2019, all ideas for enhancement requests will be managed in the Cloud Customer Connect Idea Labs. ERs in MOS will not be reviewed.

Q:   How do I use the Cloud Customer Connect Idea Labs?
A:  We recommend you explore, comment or vote on ideas already posted within the Cloud Customer Connect Idea Lab before you post your own idea.  The benefits of creating Ideas in the Idea Lab include the ability to have further conversations with other Oracle ERP Cloud customers, Oracle Partners, as well as Oracle employees that include members of development and strategy.    Remember, to search first to see if your idea already exists. If so, vote it up!   You can expand on the idea by adding in additional comments too.

Q:  Will Enhancement Requests (ERs) be migrated to the Cloud Customer Connect Idea Labs?
A:  No. Enhancement Requests (ERs) that were previously logged via My Oracle Support (MOS) will not be migrated to the Idea Labs.  If you have an existing ER that you would like to share with the customer community, and to be considered by Oracle Product Development, please search to see if it is already an existing idea and if so please comment with your use case and vote on the idea.  If the ER is not already an existing idea, please create a new idea with your business justification.

Q:  How can a customer get a list of their Enhancement Requests from MOS?
A:  Please refer to this entry in My Oracle Support: 
How To Monitor Bugs And Enhancement Requests Via My Oracle Support (Doc ID 841907.1)

Q:  When should a Service Request (SR) be created in My Oracle Support (MOS) instead of an Idea?
A:  Submit a Service Request in My Oracle Support to report product issues that are not enhancement requests.  Only enhancement requests are moving out of My Oracle Support (MOS) to Cloud Customer Connect Idea Labs.

Q:  What if a Service Request is determined to be a product enhancement?
A:  If Oracle Support determines a Service Request (SR) is a product enhancement, Support will direct the customer to the Idea Lab in Cloud Customer Connect.  Customers can decide if they would like to log this as an Idea in the appropriate Idea Lab (or vote on one that is already established in the Idea Lab).  Enhancement requests will no longer be created in My Oracle Support.  

Q:  What happens if a customer contacts support with an Enhancement Request?
A:  Support will direct customers to the Idea Lab to post the enhancement request to the appropriate Idea Lab.