Release Readiness Material is Now Available for Oracle Fusion Applications Update 20B

Oracle Cloud Applications delivers new software updates every quarter.  This means that every three months you'll receive new functionality to help you more efficiently and effectively manage your business.  To keep up with this innovation and prepare for your next update, Oracle provides Readiness Material that is available publicly and in advance of your update.

Essential Read:  The What's New Document

There are several readiness items; however, the essential "must-read" Readiness item is the What's New document.  For every new and enhanced feature included in an update, the What's New document includes a detailed description with screenshots, a benefit statement, tips and considerations, impact on security roles, links to related resources, and steps on how to enable.  Please review the What's New document to learn about and gain actionable information regarding new functionality.

The What's New documents are comprehensive, so we've added a Feature Summary matrix to make them easier to consume.  Specifically, the Feature Summary matrix provides an easy-to-read list of every new feature plus an assessment of potential impact.  Some features will be immediately available to end users, others require company enablement steps before they are available -- thus, you decide when to enable.  Click on any feature name and you'll be taken to the full feature description.

How to Access

You can find these comprehensive documents, one for each Oracle Cloud service, on the Oracle Applications Readiness Page.  Simply select your area of interest, and you'll see the What's New document prominently displayed at the top of the page.  Or more directly, you can click on the pillar specific links below:

Readiness Announcement Archive: MORE CLOUD APPLICATIONS

  • AI Apps
  • B2C Service
  • Blockchain
  • Commerce
  • Configure, Price and Quote
  • DataFox
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Field Service
  • In-Memory Cost Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Sales & Workforce Planning
  • Marketing & Data Management
  • Taleo
  • Transportation and Global Trade Mgmt
  • Warehouse Management
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