Manage your Reputation. Strengthen your Personal Brand.

Your reputation is everything – especially within a collaborative and dynamic community such as ours. By becoming a trusted member of the community, your professional reputation and personal brand gets a significant boost.

And it’s easy to do. You have two ways to manage your reputation within Customer Connect: Acquiring Badges and achieving Champion Levels. There’s more, too. Becoming a champion of the community is your ticket into the Customer Connect Hall of Fame!


Badges are a way of displaying your knowledge and expertise, and you collect them as you contribute to the community. They are earned when you have met the requirements for achieving a particular badge. For example, members who have created new posts on the community forums are awarded a Conversation Starter badge after their 5th, 15th, and 50th published posts. Your badges enable community members to trust your content. See our Badges page for more information along with a complete list of all the badges available to you.

Champion Levels

Champion Levels are awarded for points earned through contributions to the community. You are awarded a Certificate of Achievement when you've reached a certain point level, with the option to add it to your LinkedIn profile. Because your Champion Level journey is an ongoing one, you earn points every time you post a new topic, comment on an existing post, or rate content. Your Champion Level informs other community members of your credibility as a subject matter expert and establishes your reputation within the community. Find out what it takes to be a community champion by visiting our Champion Level page.

Hall of Fame

The Customer Connect Hall of Fame is where top members are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the community. You can view a leaderboard of the community’s Top 25 customer and partner members, as well as Member Spotlights, Monthly Top 10 Members, and member testimonials.

Community Members Spotlight

The Community Spotlight recognizes Oracle Cloud Customer Connect members who selflessly contribute to the community on a regular basis by sharing their knowledge and subject matter expertise, being helpful, and supporting other members.
These members are featured in the monthly newsletter and also highlighted in our Hall of Fame. Spotlight members will have a badge placed in their user profile, reflecting their valued standing inside the community.