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How to do approvals without HRAnswered531Ian ScottRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsJuly 17, 2019
Note to Customers: Creating or Voting on Ideas5.0115AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsYesterday
Centralised Procurement between BU's with different...Answered522Himanshu ChaudharyGreen Ribbon: 100+ PointsJuly 16, 2019
ASL FBDI template doesn't have an area for Source...393-19981071181_doc1.docxPaul DriscollGreen Ribbon: 100+ PointsJuly 15, 2019
Request IMT through the Self Service Mobile APPAnswered13CaioSilver Medal: 2,000+ PointsJuly 15, 2019
Query to get Supplier CategoriesAnswered5.0318Mohammed RafiBlack Diamond: 60,000+ PointsJuly 17, 2019
Need for Supplier Create/Update cloud event in OIC614Ashwin KumarGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points12:53 AM
Tip: Requisition Fund Status in IMT Flows upon receiving the...5.016AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsJuly 15, 2019
Approval Rules enhancements4.0437Mohammad Arif ZaffarGreen Ribbon: 100+ PointsJuly 17, 2019
How to customize the Quantity or Amount attribute in the...5.0022How to Customize the Quantity or Amount Field within the Shopping Cart on the Shopping Home Page.docxAshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsJuly 13, 2019
19C Sourcing Update: Enhanced Supplier Negotiations REST Web...5.0015Poornima BhilegaonkarBronze Trophy: 5,000+ PointsJuly 12, 2019
Consolidated Opt-in Expiration Features5.019AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsJuly 12, 2019
How to hide interface Purchase orders from supplier portal321PravinKumar MunnaluriRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsJuly 11, 2019
Supplier Setup Standards227Trisha HuntJuly 11, 2019
What is the best practices to create the Supplier Site...223Farooq Haider Syed, PMPGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsJuly 16, 2019
Planned Purchase Order Type422Niamath JeddyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ PointsJuly 11, 2019
Supplier Spend Authorized Approval418Amber LomeliBronze Medal: 1,250+ PointsJuly 16, 2019
Supplier Contacts did not receive the email with User Login...Answered527Sabarish GandaGold Medal: 3,500+ PointsYesterday
How currency conversion works on Requisition Approval...5.0020AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsJuly 5, 2019
Does Employee (Requestor) Expense account default on...5.0642RNehaBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsJuly 4, 2019
Context sensitive DFF for Catalog ItemsAnswered744Sanjit BiswasJuly 16, 2019
Bypass CPA reference for Non catalog request424Anil NairBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsJuly 6, 2019
Supplier Change Request UI does not display all the tabsAnswered212ArunRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsJuly 8, 2019
Procurement Contracts - Adobe E-sign usage requirement127Vijayaraghavan KaruppiahGreen Ribbon: 100+ PointsJuly 3, 2019
Browsing Catalogs missing from Requisitions page: Shop by...319Kunal DaveJuly 3, 2019
Enable Attachment Security at User Level for Self Service...5.0149Enable Attachment Security at User Level for Self Service Procurement.docxSumana SarkarSilver Medal: 2,000+ PointsJuly 2, 2019
Notes to buyer is not being passed to the buyer!4.01149Tanmay YadavBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsJuly 15, 2019
Rest API to create supplier contact525Ashwin KumarGreen Ribbon: 100+ PointsJuly 3, 2019
Reminder notification to requester/buyer to do PO Receipts538Mahendran RadhakrishnanRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsJuly 2, 2019
Prevent User from creating a PO without a backing PR5.0646Sivaraj ShanmughamBronze Medal: 1,250+ PointsJuly 13, 2019