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Party Number generation for suppliers26Ramesh RadhakrishnanGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsYesterday
Error - You cannot add these requisition lines to the...5.015William McLartyBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsYesterday
Requistion Approval Flow314Avesh GanodwalaBronze Medal: 1,250+ PointsYesterday
Requistion Approval Flow210Avesh GanodwalaBronze Medal: 1,250+ PointsYesterday
Supplier Approval Management using Approval Group1051Santosh KaleRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsYesterday
Supplier Communication on RFQ00Deepika NathanyBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsYesterday
Automate Catalog Administration in Procurement Catalogs214Anil NairRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsYesterday
Workaround for Services Procurement on Cloud4.71308Manavalan EthirajanSilver Medal: 2,000+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Username Generation Rule for Supplier Contact User Accounts5.0149Hong GaoSilver Medal: 2,000+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Managing promotional prices in Blanket Purchase Agreement16Chaitanya KobulaMay 23, 2019
Supplier Portal - Supplier Contact is not receiving a...123DIEGO SCHENQUERMANBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Is there a set-up for a Purchasing Line Type to Require...Answered5.0424Brian BurnsGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Difference in WSDL for PurchaseOrderServiceV2 between 2...717Janak MehtaGreen Ribbon: 100+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Can a Punchout be configured to use a Contract Purchase...214William McLartyBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Supplier Registration requests - strange behaviour519Supplier Registration1.pngDeepika NathanyBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Supplier Profile Descriptive Flex Fields414Judy HamnerBronze Trophy: 5,000+ PointsMay 23, 2019
Submission date field missing in manage requisition page...624Tatiana MoscaluMay 23, 2019
Unable to mass edit or update suggested buyer on the...311MANISH KUMARBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 22, 2019
19B purchase order approval notification missing view...5.0531Capture_19A.JPGramamoorthy kalyanasundaranRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsMay 22, 2019
Grouping PO lines based on a Requisition DFF value5.0112Shyam Singh PatelGold Medal: 3,500+ PointsMay 22, 2019
Blanket Agreement is not showing on PO Level118Sandeep KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsMay 22, 2019
How to define a Procurement Agent DFF?1.0241DIEGO SCHENQUERMANBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 22, 2019
How can we add custom role to all existing supplier735chetan kumarBronze Medal: 1,250+ PointsMay 22, 2019
Tip: Why can't I see the personalized Suggested Buyer...5.0241AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsMay 22, 2019
Mass Update for Requisition if lines are created from...17MANISH KUMARBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 21, 2019
Requisition Import from 3rd party Field service system113MANISH KUMARBlue Ribbon: 750+ PointsMay 21, 2019
How to override agreement price on a Requisition5.0685AshokGold Crown: 30,000+ PointsMay 21, 2019
Spend Authorization Request got Rejected426Issue.docxM Uddin KashifRed Ribbon: 250+ PointsMay 21, 2019
How to modify the negotiation notification for approval492Arijit PramanikSilver Medal: 2,000+ PointsMay 21, 2019
How to send/push Purchase order into another applications?5.0227Mirza Adeel BaigBronze Trophy: 5,000+ PointsMay 21, 2019