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  • Traci Scott
    account_session_history tableAnswered125.0
    Topic posted March 4, 2019 by Traci ScottRed Ribbon: 250+ Points in Reporting and Analytics for Service public
    account_session_history table
    How long is data kept in the account_session_history table?

    Anyone know how long the data is kept in the account_session_history table? Specifically looking at the max(account_session_history.started)and some of the users have a NULL value for this and I'm certain they should have had something there, although it may have been quite some time ago.  I was hoping to see when the last time they logged in was, so I'm wondering if the data isn't there, or if they truly never logged in.


    August 2016
  • Nicki Mayers
    Can you have a calculation on a workspace?Answered6
    Topic posted March 15, 2019 by Nicki MayersBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points in Agent Desktop public
    Can you have a calculation on a workspace?
    Using a calculation to trigger a workspace rule


    I'm trying to find a way to prevent service requests from being manually re-opened in line with the customer portal restrictions.

    I am hoping that I could reference the incidents.closed field and have something that would show the number of days since the case was closed. From that, if it was 7 or more days, I could add a workspace rule to prevent it from being re-opened. 

    My question is, can you have a calculation as a field in a workspace? Or if not, can anyone think of another way to achieve this?

  • Mike
    How to change a Custom Objects field from null to something...Answered2
    Topic posted March 12, 2019 by MikeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged REST in Integrations and APIs for Service public
    How to change a Custom Objects field from null to something else.
    Create an Incident and update the Custom Object (ParentIncident) from null to something else?

    Hi, I am trying to set the value of a customer object from "null" to something else like "123" for example. I attempted to craft a curl command to create an incident and set the value for a custom object using the following command. However it returns "title": "Bad JSON syntax found in the request"


    curl -u user -X POST -H "OSvC-CREST-Application-Context:Create Incident" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d "{\"primaryContact\":{\"id\":14602},\"subject\":\"Test Incident\"},"customFields": {"CO": {"ParentIncident": 123}"

  • mirela taranu
    contracts approval flow tabelAnswered5
    Topic posted March 8, 2019 by mirela taranuGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points in Reporting and Analytics for Service public
    contracts approval flow tabel
    tabel behind the contracts approval history flow

    Hello all,

    I have to build a report that contains the contracts approval flow information, like in the image below, but i am not able to identify the right tables. Can you please help me with this?

    Thank you 


  • Lalfaro
    Change Password Audit LogAnswered6
    Topic posted March 12, 2019 by Lalfaro in System Admin and Configuration public
    Change Password Audit Log
    Auditory log in user settings


    It's possible have a audit log in the password of the user to see if somebody changes the password?



  • kerry walker
    Automatic logout by profileAnswered5
    Topic posted March 12, 2019 by kerry walkerGold Medal: 3,500+ Points in System Admin and Configuration public
    Automatic logout by profile
    Automatic logout by profile

    Good day!

    I'm aware that you can force an automatic logout for user, but can this be done based on a user's profile?  In other words, can the logout time differ between user profiles? Thanks!


  • Scott Heidenreich
    Seed Data parameter isn't workingAnswered7
    Topic posted March 11, 2019 by Scott HeidenreichGold Medal: 3,500+ Points in Policy Automation for Service public
    Seed Data parameter isn't working
    How to get the seed_data parameter to work

    I have a customer portal php page that is parsing out the seed data parameter from a URL.

    The code is below.

    The seed_data parameter is receiving a string called existing_i_id=123456, where 123456 is the incident ID.

    The global attribute in OPA is the existing incident id, named as existing_i_id and set to map in from a <url parameter>.

    However, the model will not load using the seed data.  I even tried hard coding the seed data into the php page and still the model won't load it.  The model will start without data if I do not use the seed data parameter in the call.

    URL example:

    <rn:meta title="#rn:msg:SHP_TITLE_HDG#" template="standard.php" login_required="true" force_https="true" clickstream="opa"/>
        $incidentID = \RightNow\Utils\Url::getParameter('i_id');
     $OPAModel = \RightNow\Utils\Url::getParameter('opa_deployment');
     $startingData = \RightNow\Utils\Url::getParameter('seedData');
     $preloadCode = \RightNow\Utils\Url::getParameter('preload');
     <?php If ($preloadCode == "IncidentID"):
     echo LoadExisting?>
      <rn:widget path="custom/opa/OPAWidget"
     <?php elseif ($preloadCode == "SeedData"):
     echo NewFromExisting;
       echo $startingData;
       echo $OPAModel;
       echo $incidentID?>
      <rn:widget path="custom/opa/OPAWidget"
     <?php else:
     echo NewOnly?>
      <rn:widget path="custom/opa/OPAWidget"
     <?php endif ?>
  • Janusz Jasinski
    RNCPHP\MailMessage(); doesn't send all emailsAnswered35.0
    Topic posted December 21, 2018 by Janusz JasinskiBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points in Customer Portal public
    RNCPHP\MailMessage(); doesn't send all emails


    I am using RNCPHP\MailMessage(); to send emails. For everything so far, it has worked fine.

    However for this one particular widget, it fails to do so. So for example, I am limiting the number of recipients to 10 i.e. there is an array with 10 people, I loop through each and send an email with personalised information.

    When I run this, a random number gets sent but it's never more than 2 or 3 and out of these 2 and 3, they are also random so it's not always the same people each time.

    Is there a report I can run to see if they are getting stuck somewhere? I have a try/exception catch and nothing happening here. 

    Any ideas?

  • David Wright
    Example code for updating Incident Standard Custom Objects...Answered4
    Topic last edited March 8, 2019 by David WrightBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged SOAP in Integrations and APIs for Service public
    Example code for updating Incident Standard Custom Objects field?

    Hello - would anyone be willing to share an example (ideally in .net/C#) of how to create/update a field on an Incident record that is part of the Standard Custom Object (Incident) i.e. not a custom field - using the SOAP API (CWSS)

    I have been searching the CWSS documentation but have not found what I am looking for.

    Grateful for any advice you can give.




  • Praveen Woody
    Search for text in incidentsAnswered14
    Topic posted January 22, 2019 by Praveen WoodyBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points in Agent Desktop public
    Search for text in incidents
    Need to search for text or keywords in each incident


      I want to search for any text in an incident. The text could be in subject or a custom field I created (which is of type Text Area that handles close to 4000 characters). This custom field basically replaces my subject field which takes only 255 characters or any other drop down lists.

    Is this possible?


    I tried using incidents.subject complex expression and incidents.threadsummary complex expression and also LIKE instead of complex expression and it does not work.

    I basically want a full text search on the incident.


    Thanks in advance.


    Console 18D.