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  • Raj Chandran
    internal testAnswered11
    Topic posted Yesterday by Raj ChandranGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points in Customer Portal public
    internal test
    this is an internal test


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma
    Incident workspace primary key for contactAnswered4
    Topic posted April 17, 2019 by Sebastiaan DraaismaBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points in Agent Desktop public
    Incident workspace primary key for contact
    Report in workspace to show open incidents for chosen contact

    Hi all :-)

    I received the request from the customer to show the number of unresolved incidents as a number on the tab header and when clicking on the tab it would show the incidents. So far so good :-)

    • Report with a runtime filter on incidents.c_id to get the primary key
    • Workspace setting to have the report run on workspace load to get the number on the tab header

    All fine, customer happy right? :-)

    I then received an interesting followup request...
    "When we create a new incident and choose a contact, the report shows empty. We would also like to see the number of incidents before we save the incident so we don't create any double entries for this contact. Is this possible?"

    Very interesting request that makes sense from the customer's point of view. It got me thinking...
    I tried an additional runtime filter on contacts.c_id and have them both in an OR node. No result...

    I tried the javascript API and could see that the data was available for me through the js API. I thought... maybe I could create a HTML based report that would show the incidents but I'm not sure if this would become a security risk or if this would still show a number on the tab header.

    I went for a quick alternative where I used 2 different tabs (1 tab with report component, 1 tab with browser component) where visibility is controlled by a workspace rule and where another WS rule sets the focus on one of these tabs when the field incident contact changes. The tab that receives the focus has the browser component that retrieves the contact id through a js API and constructs a screenpop url and where the url is opened through an onload function, opening the same report but outside the workspace. The report receives focus and the agent will be able to see if there are any open incidents for the chosen contact before the incident is saved.

    Now, while this works and may satisfy the customer, I do like to challenge myself and would like to know if this could be acomplished. So my questions are....

    1. Is there a way to pass a value from the workspace (contact id) to a report component when creating a new incident and before the incident has been saved? I believe the answer is no, but would love to be proven wrong here.
    2. Would a HTML report be able to show the number of incidents as a number on the tab header?
    3. Would a HTML report be a security risk? Does anyone have an example of such report for me to look at.
    4. Is there an alternative to the screenpop that I may have forgotten?

    Kind regards and happy holidays for those who celebrate :-)
    I tend to stick behind the computer :-D

  • Janusz Jasinski
    How to display IDs and values for a customisable menu - not...Answered45.0
    Topic posted March 15, 2019 by Janusz JasinskiBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points in Customer Portal public
    How to display IDs and values for a customisable menu - not ROQL


    I have a customisable menu called dm.classrooms along with getNamedValues but I keep getting the error as below. Any advice?

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RightNow\Connect\v1_4\ConnectAPIError' with message 'Invalid propertyPath: Not a ConnectPHP class

  • Jepee Celorico
    Do Old Users can Access the new Interface?Answered4
    Topic posted April 16, 2019 by Jepee CeloricoBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Service Console in Agent Desktop public
    Do Old Users can Access the new Interface?

    Hi Experts,

    We are currently planing on purchasing another Interface for Oracle Service Cloud, existing users from our current interface would also need to use that Interface. I would like to ask if are we going to need to purchase again new Seats? or is it okay to purchase the Interface only?



  • Harriet Klymchuk
    Exclude an hour from date filterAnswered7
    Topic posted April 3, 2019 by Harriet KlymchukGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points in Reporting and Analytics for Service public
    Exclude an hour from date filter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new to logical expressions which is probably why I'm struggling, but any help would be much appreciated!

    We have dashboard reports that summarise our monthly KPI totals (total chats, lost chats, wait time, average handle time etc) but on occasion there are events that we want to exclude from those totals - for example, we might have an hour of completely unexpected downtime which will affect our stats.  I want to be able to exclude that hour, so have the totals show all chats except those that came between X and Y on Date, to be able to easily demonstrate the effect those events have. 

    Currently one of my workarounds for this is exporting everything and using Excel but there must be a way to do this using filters or expressions - any suggestions on what expression works?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Daniel Rocha
    Share the same data for multiple widgetsAnswered1
    Topic posted February 28, 2019 by Daniel RochaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points in Customer Portal public
    Share the same data for multiple widgets
    Possible ways to share the same data object across custom widgets

    I have a custom widget that fetchs some initial data from the database to be used in a form. I need to store this data in a way that other custom widgets can access it and edit it before the final result is submitted. I first tried to use the <rn:container /> tag, but that seems to only make a shallow copy of the attribute to the other widgets. Then I used the fire/listen to events strategy and it worked, but I repeated the same logic in all of the custom widgets.

    Is there a better way to make all the wigets communicate like this?

    Customer Portal 3.7
  • James B
    Pull Another Contact ID Based on Unique Custom FieldAnswered11
    Topic posted February 12, 2019 by James BBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points in Reporting and Analytics for Service public
    Pull Another Contact ID Based on Unique Custom Field
    VLookup within the same table

    Hi all,

    I am looking to automate a regular upload that we do which grants a contact additional access to the customer portal if they have direct reports. We get a daily contact update file from our HR system into OSC and as part of this file it tells us the employee number of each contacts supervisor.

    I built a report that counts the amount of people reporting to the same person. However, in order to do updates via a custom script I need to get the contact ID of the supervisor. Basically a VLOOKUP from within the same table that takes the Supervisor_Worker_No field from the employee, matches it to the Employee_Num field and then gets the C_ID. From there I can work my expressions and write my update code.

    I have attached the definition (PDF and XML) so you can see my attempt at nabbing somebody else's code and trying to work it for my own needs. From what I understand I need to build an SQL query within the process tab, as I don't think there is a way to do this as standard.


    Oracle Service Cloud 17D
  • Rajan Davis
    Styling SurveysAnswered2
    Topic posted January 25, 2017 by Rajan DavisSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points in Surveys and Outreach public
    Styling Surveys

    Is it possible to use style sheets from the customer portal to style the surveys?

    I have not looked very in depth into this, but from what I can tell within the administration console, it looks like the surveys use inline styling which is not how I would like to modify the styling.

    Does anybody have any recommendations on this?

    May 2015
  • Neil
    Adding Profile Name (or Account Group) to the agent...Answered9
    Topic posted April 11, 2019 by Neil Silver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Service Console in Agent Desktop public
    Adding Profile Name (or Account Group) to the agent name in audit log

    I was torn whether this should be in the 'Agent Desktop' section, or in the 'Analytics' section, but here goes...

    We have many users of our OSvC instance, spread over different teams/departments, and it's difficult for agents to know who-is-who.

    We'd like to show this person's 'role' in the incident audit log. So that if you're looking at an incident and "John Smith" has closed it, you would see "John Smith (Billing Dept)" or similar.

    I tried simply adding profile id as a new column (with the table join being incidents > transactions > accounts > profile) but this adds-in many "deleted staff account" entries against users who have most definitely NOT been deleted!!

    I also tried modifying the 'who' column to show a concat of the account and profile id, rather than just the account. Same result.

    We have used a copy of the out-of-the-box 'incident audit log' report.

    Any suggestions welcome.





  • Laura Walker
    show a report column based on a conditionAnswered10
    Topic posted April 4, 2019 by Laura WalkerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points in Agent Desktop public
    show a report column based on a condition
    Show a report Column based on a queue value

    Hi all,

    In the incident queue report, we are trying to display the 'created by' column only for a certain queue value.  So when the user selects that particular queue from slice queue list, then the column should show, else don't show when other queue is selected from the slice list.

    I did some reading about how to accomplish this, but I was not successful.  I read Answer ID 2284   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018.  I am just trying to learn php and so what I attempted to do is wrong, see attached image.

    Is hiding/showing a column accomplished only through a script and if that is the case could you direct me to a good site to read about it or do you have some suggestions?

    Is there other way to hide/show a report column through the agent desktop?

    Thank you,