A. How to navigate to edit User Interface of Supplier Portal pages
In order to access the Edit User Interface page, you will need to create a dummy supplier and supplier contact with a user account. The user assigned to this contact will need to login to Supplier Portal to proceed with the changes. Here are exact steps you will need to follow.

  1. Access Suppliers workarea as a Supplier Administrator or Supplier Manager.
  2. Create a dummy supplier, add a supplier contact and create a user account for this contact. An email address needs to be provided to create this user account and this email address needs to belong to the user who will be responsible for changing the Supplier Portal pages. NOTE: Ensure that the user account is created successfully before proceeding to the next step (Account Status needs to be Active). Also, ensure that the user has been assigned all the appropriate roles so that he can access the pages he needs to change. For instance, the user will need the Supplier Self Service Administrator role to be able to change the Edit Profile Change Request page that is accessed from the Manage Profile page.

  1. Login as a user with the IT Security Manager role and assign the role: Application Implementation Consultant role to the user associated with the supplier contact above.
  2. Invoke the Supplier Portal URL.
  3. Login as the user created above (with the Application Implementation Consultant role).
  4. Access Manage Sandboxes to create a new sandbox.
  5. Create a new sandbox and activate it. NOTE: Activating the sandbox, will take you to the Fusion Applications homepage or the springboard as it is commonly known. Access Supplier Portal from the springboard. Alternatively, in Step 1 you can also invoke the Fusion Applications homepage and access Supplier Portal from the spring board.
  6. Click the Manage Profile task under Company Profile. This will take you to the Company Profile page.

  1. Take the Edit action. This will take you to the Edit Change Request page.
  2. Navigate to the Edit Pages menu option available under the user menu on the top right of the page.
  3. Navigate to the Structure tab.

B. Make Corporate Web Site a required field.

  1. After navigating to the Structure tab, hover over the Corporate Web Site field. A popup as shown below that asks to confirm the task flow edit is shown.
  2. Click the Edit button. This will highlight the Corporate Web Site field in the panel displayed at the bottom of the page. NOTE: You may need to expand the panel by pulling vertically along the panel border if panel is hidden.
  3. Click on the Properties icon for the Corporate Web Site field. This will open the Component Properties: Corporate Web Site popup.
  4. Locate Required in the Component Properties popup and navigate to Expression Builder.
  5. Enter value: true in the Expression Editor as shown below. Click the OK button. This enables a required field error message to be shown to the user if no value is provided for Corporate Web Site field.
  6. Check the Show Required checkbox. This will mark the Corporate Web Site field with a * symbol and display it as a Required field.
  7. Click the Apply and OK buttons on the Component Properties popup to save the changes. Verify changes are displayed on the page. Click the Close button to exit the Editing User Interface page.
  8. Once the changes are final, you need to publish the sandbox so that the change is available to all users. In this specific example, the Corporate Web Site is displayed as a required field and is validated as such.